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    General (Installation, activation, system requirements etc.)

Zevrix menu stays in InDesign after product is uninstalled

This issue can happen on some systems - albeit very rarely - due to an InDesign bug. Please download and run this script while InDesign is open - it will remove the menu.

Error -2003 during installation

This error can be related to a permissions issue. Please download and run this updater and try to install the software again.

Product activation fails and another Registration window appears

Issue: After entering your serial number in the Registration window, another blank Registration window appears.

Solution: Please check permissions of the following folder:
~/Library/Application Support/Zevrix/<your product name>
Most likely, the folder - or its enclosing folder - is set to "read only". Change permissions and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Adding more licenses to existing serial number

Q: I wish to add more licenses of a specific product to my existing serial number. Is it possible?
A: Yes, absolutely - please contact us for more info.

How to disable macOS quarantine messages?

Q: The message "<Product Name> is an application downloaded from the Internet..." keeps appearing when I launch a Zevrix product. How to disable it?

A: This issue is related to a system problem such as incorrect permissions. We can offer the following solutions:
-Check the application file permissions and change them if required. In most cases it will solve the problem.
-Here's a couple of websites that show how to disable the quarantine messages system-wide and for a particular app or location.

An old installer is being downloaded instead of new version

Q: I'm trying to download a new update from the Zevrix downloads page. However, a previous update is being downloaded every time. Why does it happen?

A: Please try to clear your browser's cache and download again. Some browsers keep using an old file from their cache even if a new file has in fact been uploaded. If it doesn't help, please contact us.



A preferences-related error appears during processing in Photoshop CS5

Please make sure your version of Photoshop CS5 is up to date. Adobe fixed this issue in Photoshop 12.0.1. If you experience this problem with a later version, please contact us.

The Save dialog appears during processing in Photoshop

Q: When saving image in Photoshop, the process is interrupted with the Save dialog where only two formats are available: TIFF and Large Image Format. Why does it happen?

A: In this case, the image dimensions become too large for Photoshop to save in the image's original format. The only two formats to store extra large images are TIFF and Large Image Format. This can happen when the 'Allow upsampling' option is selected in LinkOptimizer, which can lead to significant enlargement of the image. It's a really rare case and the image will have to be reimported manually into InDesign. An option to detect such images before processing will be introduced in the future.

The Preferences window opens before processing of each image in Photoshop CS6

This issue has been reported only once so far with Photoshop CS6 downloaded from Creative Cloud. If you encounter the issue, please open Preferences > Units & Rulers and change the Rulers units to inches prior to running LinkOptimizer.


    Output Factory

Adding all files in a folder including subfolders to the queue

You can now add entire folders of InDesign files by selecting the desired folders in the navigation dialog or dropping folders on Output Factory. You can control the depth of subfolder inclusion in Preferences.

Add files replacing the current list

Q: When I add files to the queue, Output Factory appends it to the current list. Is it possible to replace the current list with the new files?

A: Yes, just hold the Option key when clicking the 'Add files...' buttons or adding files from the Finder.

Can I convert text to outlines automatically when exporting to EPS or PDF?

Yes, you can do this by creating an appropriate Transparency Flattener Preset in InDesign (accessible from the Edit menu). You also need to have some kind of transparency on the page (see link below).Then select the preset in the EPS export options in Output Factory, or in the PDF export preset settings in InDesign.

For the detailed instructions on making the conversion to outlines work, please read this article by David Blatner.



Incorrect color mode of Illustrator (.ai) files

Issue: InPreflight reports the color mode of CMYK .ai files as RGB.

Solution: This issue can occur due to some changes in Mac OS X 10.6. Please contact us for detailed info on how to fix it.


    Output Factory Server

Creating output files with different settings at once

Q: Is it possible to create, for example, hi-res and lo-res PDF from the same InDesign file at once?

A: Yes, you can do it by using Actions in Output Factory Server 2. Actions let you execute a sequence of workflows from a single hot folder. Click the Actions button in the app's toolbar for further info.


    BatchOutput for InDesign

Has BatchOutput been discontinued? What is Output Factory?

Q: Has BatchOutput been discontinued? What is Output Factory?

A: BatchOutput has not been discontinued - it evolved into Output Factory. Simply put, the name has changed to reflect better the software's functionality and versatility.

Output Factory 1 = BatchOutput 4

Output Factory introduces an array of new powerful features such as layer versioning, preflighting, workflows (settings presets), actions (workflow sequences), detailed output history and much more!
BatchOutput users can upgrade to Output Factory at 50% discount.


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