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Customize FileMaker's
keyboard shortcuts


For FileMaker Pro 6,
FileMaker Pro 7-9 (incl. Developer and Advanced versions) on Mac OS X

Price: $19.95

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Customizable menu shortcuts - this essential feature is finally available to FileMaker users.

MenuKeys is a unique and powerful utility that allows you to customize all FileMaker menu shortcuts in one easy to use interface.

MenuKeys will let you work more productively, faster and easier whether you're using or developing a database in FileMaker.

MenuKeys also provides a comprehensive interactive reference to all FileMaker menu shortcuts.

MenuKeys is based on a FileMaker database, so you open it just like any other FileMaker file - no extra plug-ins required.

Main MenuKeys features:
Assign new keyboard shortcuts to FileMaker menus and edit existing ones
Custom Menus feature lets you assign shortcuts to non-permanent menus such as fonts, scripts, recent files etc.
Shortcuts defined in MenuKeys will be displayed in the FileMaker menus
Restore default FileMaker shortcuts
Restore current custom set
Easy to use interactive menu list which represents the FileMaker menus hierarchy

Just a few examples…
By assigning shortcuts to FileMaker menus that don't have the keyboard equivalents, you will save time and hundreds of mouse trips to the menus. Imagine how easier your life will be when with a single shortcut you can activate:

• Form, List and Table views
• any of your scripts (and not only the first
ten ones as FileMaker allows you)
• your most frequently used fonts
• any of FileMaker's layout building tools
• layout views with Sample Data, Field Boundaries and others
• layout Format Painter
• Constrain and Extend Found Set commands during searches
• Export and Import Records menus

…and dozens of other FileMaker menus.

Download demo to try MenuKeys.

MenuKeys System Requirements
Any of the following FileMaker versions:
FileMaker Pro 6, FileMaker Pro 7-9 (incl. Developer and Advanced versions)
Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later (Leopard compatible)

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